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TPG takes pride in our reputation for quality manufacturing and we are flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing needs of our customers.  Our reputation has been built and repeatedly proven since we opened our doors for business in 1993. With our highly customized and varied product lines, tight quality control parameters are set for each individual paper.  TPG is committed to continue improving its quality performance and ensuring paper are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements:

  • Inspection is carried out during three main points of production process
    • When raw materials are received prior to entering production
    • Whilst products are going through the production process
    • When products are finished – inspection or testing takes place before products are dispatched to customers
  • A well equipped laboratory at each mill for round the clock quality control testing as well as product improvement and development
  • Maintaining a documented quality system compatible with the guidelines laid down by ISO9001:2000 standard
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quality control
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